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How to view and clear watch history in YouTube

Almost all of us are using the world’s largest video sharing website ‘YouTube’ which includes the enormous features in it. Among the various feature, one of the very import feature is the logging. Yes the video sharing giant is also helps user to maintain their view history.

Whenever a user logged into the YouTube and watch any video, the history of those will be maintained by YouTube in a rich manner. That will be very useful for the user in future.

If the user wants to view his watch history then he can simply navigate to the dashboard and click on Video Manager Button which is there in the left side of the page. Then inside the video manager there will be the watch history button.

Watch history navigation

Once the watch history button is clicked, the list of video watched by the user will be displayed accordingly. If the user wants to clear the watch history then he can clear it just by clicking on the clear all watch history button.


Watch history clear button


If the user wants to remove the selected video from the watch history list then he need to select the required video’s with the check box available at the left of the video and click on remove button.

If the user wants to disable the logging of watch history then he needs to click on the pause watch history button which is at the top right of the history list.


Pause view history button


The user can resume the logging of view just by clicking the resume viewing history button.


Resume view history button

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